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An ideal instrument for projection of all sorts of transparencies and maps or book diagrams and text. A 175x175 opaque aperture extendable by sliding the instrument up to 350mm, full scape A4 size paper can be projected in one time. Having two different attachments for projection of 85x85 mm slides and 35mm slides. Fitted with a 1000 watts quartz halogen tube for maximum brightness backed with an vacuum coated reflector and an high power blower for keeping the instrument cool. Complete as above in case.

A small version of above, only for projection of opaques like book diagrams and other material, Ideal for designers and art workers, a 150x150 mm opaque aperture, top loading system, 500/1000 watts lamp and blower cooled.
The above list does not include the entire range of instruments available, please feel free to request other items throughout this field.

A robust traditional microscope constructed from a solid block of wood. The sides are out away at a convenient angle to form hand rests. A glass stage is provided, illuminated from underneath by a mirror at 45º. The lenses are carried on an arm which can be swung across the stage plate so that objects at different positions can be examined. The two Lenses supplied enable magnifications of 10X and 20X
Dimensions: Length 240 Width 95 and Height 70mm
Stages Length 80 and Width 50mm.

A versatile instrument for fine dissection work etc. The high eye point lens (either 10X or 20X) is mounted on a jointing arm allowing the whole stage area to be scanned. The wide glass stage has two spring clips and a reversible sub stage mirror/opal face illuminator. Focusing is by a rack and pinion mechanism and detachable rests on either side of the stage provide a steadying support for hands during fine dissection. All metal construction. Supplied complete with 10x and 20x lenses in a wooden cabinet.
Dimension: overall height 180mm, Stage 65x85mm

Ideal for viewing micro photographic transparencies, with heavy base non-scratchable bottom, plastic construction, a most simple instrument to be used by the students in the laboratories. Technical Data Fitted with optical glass lens system for sharp focusing and maximum magnification without cutting edges. Fixed calculated length for sharp focusing on edges and center. Open on front side can be used by both hands. To adjust the Slidoscope at any required angle for best illumination.

It is milky white surface which reflects all overhead lights available from windows, walls and other light sources for perfect viewing. Use table lamp near reflecting surface if light is dim.
SPECIMENS: Instrument accepts cardboard mount as well as plastic mounts of all standard thicknesses as well as transparence strips.

Magnifying Lens 87mm diameter for clear, sharp, brilliant viewing of transparency through its perfect optical alignment. slide holder open on top and can be used by both hands. Its position can be made horizontal to view film strips also. Diffusion sheet diffuses the light of bulb for clear and smooth viewing. It contains a 6V bulb for bright light. The instrument accepts card mounts and plastic mounts of all standard thickness. Working on 220V A.C. mains. The above list does not include the entire range of instruments available, please feel free to request other items throughout this field.

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