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Same as Cat No. 9728 but with Trinocular head for micro photographic equipment and CCTV etc.

Suitable for tissue cultural examinations specially meant for microbiology, botany, water managements and bio-chemistery or more.
Binocular head with ARC coated eyepieces WF 10X paired.
LWD objectives 5X, 10X and 40X (SL).
Rack & Pinion focus by slow motion mechanism.
Large size stage plate with holding clips.
Vertical mounted lamp adjustable in height, fitted with 6V 30W bulb, built in solid state variable control light source input 230Volt AC.

Magnification 20X or 30X, as per choice of Eye pieces
Objective fixed 2X achromatic parfocal 80mm working distance.
Coated lens eyepieces WF 10X paired. or 15X WF one pair
Field of view: 5.5 mm.
Fine focus by rack and pinion motion.
Adjustable head in height on stand.
Round glass: 82mm stage with Black & White matted plate for field contrast.
Thermocol case packing, with instruction manual, dust cover.

Magnification 20X & 40X through 10X eye pieces. or 30X & 60X through 15X eye pieces
Objectives 2X & 4X Achromatic parfocaled, interchangeable through sliding.
Working distance: 80 & 55mm.
Coated lens eyepieces: WF 10X or WF 15X, of large 30mm dia.
One of the eye piece tube with diopter adjustment and both with rubber eye-guards.
Fine focussing by rack and pinion motion, through Large Knurled Knobs.
Adjustable head in height on pole stand.
Round glass 82mm stage with Black & White matted plate for field contrast.
Thermocol packing, with instruction manual, dust cover.

The Stereo microscope has been designed for examining specimens in Botany, Zoology, Entomology, Dermatology and also Industrial labs. The newly designed research quality objectives and wide field eye pieces produce an extremely large, bright, and brilliant image.
Special Features:
(a) Inclined Head
(b) Hand Grip on stand for correct and safe handling.
(c) Paired objectives 2x and 4x in sliding mount for quick change magnification.
(d) Inter-pupillary distance 52 to 71mm.
(e) Focusing through rack & pinion and also through intermediate dove tale slide.
(f) Dual electrical illuminators with intensity control.

Standard Magnification from 10X to 50X (zooming ratio 1:5) High point Wide Field Eyepiece HWF 10X in pair & WF 10X. Vertical Photo tube is provided for easy compatibility with CCTV or micro photography System. Rack and pinion focusing system, single stroke up to 50mm. Incident and transmitted illumination 20W, Halogen Bulbs. Crisp, erect images with high resolution & stereoscopic effect. 80mm working distance regardless of magnification. Interpupillary distance adjustment from 54mm to 75mm. Binocular tube with an inclination of 45 for ease of observation. Once in focus, image remains sharp through the whole range. Dioptic adjustment with a range 5 diopters are available. Trinocular Zoom Microscope body can be rotated in full 360 and locked in any desired position. The holder and focussing block mounted on pole type base, provide both transmitted and oblique incident illumination, each source employing a 6V/20X halogen bulb, operated on 220V or 110V mains. Transformer is built-in the base with a selector switch which allows them to be used separately or simultaneously. Two stage plates, each measuring 90mm in diameter, a frosted glass plate and the other having one side white, another black, are provided as standard. Packed in plywood storing cabinet having lock & key complete with vinyl cover, dust cover, cleaning kit & operating manual.
Other advanced models of research quality stereo microscopes are also available.

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