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The 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope is a compact, low line and lightweight instrument. It’s high class engineering and rugged design ensures very reliable performance. This is a general purpose Dual Trace Oscilloscope having both Vertical amplifiers offering a bandwidth of DC 20 MHz and a maximum sensitivity of 2mV/cm. Stable triggering for low level signals is obtained upto 30MHz. Full X-Y operation is achieved by switching Channel11 into horizontal deflection system so that matched sensitivities for both X and Y signals. A component tester is incorporated in the oscilloscope which gives a quick test of both active and passive components. In addition Z-modulation facility is also provided. The fully stabilized internal power supplies ensure reliable operation under adverse mains supply conditions. The carefully selected components and Burn-in-tests ensure trouble free working in most demanding environments. The 2530 offers five separate Add-on Modules (optional) viz
• Frequency Counter
• Curve Tracer
• Power Supply
• Function Generator
• Digital Voltmeter.

Channel 1, Channel 11, Channel 1 & 11 Alternate or chopped (approx. 120 KHz)
X-Y (Ratio 1:1 Input via CH 11), Add/Sub, Invert CH 11.
Vertical deflection (y)
(Identical channels)
Bandwidth: DC-20 MHz (-3dB), DC-28MHz (-6dB)
Risetime: 17.5 ns (approx.)
Deflection coefficients :
12 calibrated steps 2mV/cm - 10V/cm (1-2-5 sequence)
Accuracy: 3%
Input Impedance: 1 MW II 25 pF
Input coupling : DC-AC-GND
Input voltage : Max. 400 V (DC + Peak AC)

Time coefficients : 18 calibrated steps, 0.5 us/cm-0.2 s/cm (1-2-5 sequence) with magnifier x 5 to 100 ns/cm, with variable control to 40 ns/cm.
Accuracy : 3% (in cal position)
Ramp Output : 5V (approx)

Modes : automatic or variable trigger level
Source : Ch I, Ch II, ALT, Line, Ext.
Slope : Positive or Negative
Coupling : AC, TV Frame
Sensitivity : int 5 mm., ext 0.8 V (approx.)
Trigger Bandwidth : 40 MHz

Bandwidth: DC-2.3 MHz (-3 dB)
X-Y mode: Phase Shift < 3º at 60 KHz.
Deflection coefficients: 12 calibrated steps 2mV/cm 10V/cm (1-2-5 sequence)
Input Impedance: 1 MWII 25 pF.

Test Voltage : Max 8.6 V (Open)
Test Current: Max 8mA (Shorted)
Test Frequency: 50Hz, Test circuit grounded to chassis
Continuity Tester: Beeper sounds <75W approx.

Cathode Ray Tube: Rectangular medium short persistence (P31)
Accelerating potential: 2000 V
Display: 8 x 10 cm
Trace rotation : Adjustable on front panel
Calibrator: Squarewave generator 1 KHz (approx) 0.2 V ±1% for probe compensation.
Z Modulation: TTL level Stabilized
Power Supply: All operating voltages including the EHT.
Mains voltage: 220 V -240 V, 50 Hz. (Switch at back)
Mains fluctuations: 10% (max.)
Power Consumption: 33 VA (Approx.)
Weight (approx): 7.5 Kg.
Dimensions (mm): W285-H145-D380
Operating Temperature: 0-40º, 95% RH
Finish: Off white with handle and tilt stand.

OSCILLOSCOPE Demonstrator Cum Trainer 3028
Oscilloscope Demonstrator Trainer is specifically designed for the study of working of an Oscilloscope. It is a user friendly fully working oscilloscope in an open form. The controls are placed actually at the place as they are in the circuit schematic. Thus a trainee can locate any section, components of the section and can study it thoroughly. the function controls and adjustment controls are fully adjustable to the trainee to verify their effect on the working of the scope. An illustrated Block and Circuit Schematic and the adjustment plan right in front of trainee’s eyes helps him to co-relate each operation during the demonstration.

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