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Verify the operation of AND, OR & NOT gates 2101
Inbuilt +5V dc supply for logic gates. Two logic switches. one buffered LED.

Logic gates, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR operations 2102
Five separately built logic gates with their symbols, inbuilt +5 volt supply, Two logic switches and one buffered LED.

Digital trainer on logic operations 2103
Logic gates provided to perform 28 experiments. Inbuilt +5 volt supply, Three logic switches, Two buffered LEds, one monopulser.

Study of R-S, D and J-K flip-flops.2104
Three separately built flip - flops, inbuilt +5 volt power supply, Two logic switches, Two LED, one pulser cum clock generator.

Study of counters 2105
Basic flip-flops and logic gates are provided to construct and verify, ripple, ring, programme and modulus - n counter operations. Clock cum pulser generator. four buffered LEDs with inbuilt +5V supply.

Study of up/down counter 2106
Inbuilt +5V supply, flip-flops with logic gates, one logic switch, one clock cum pulser generator, two buffered LED.

Study of 4 bit shift register operation 2107
Four bit shift register 7495, inbuilt +5V supply, logic switch to perform serial / parallel operations, sockets for left / right shift operation.

Verification of Demorgan's theorem 2108
Four TTL IC powered by inbuilt +5V supply. Two logic switches, one buffered LED

To construct different logic gates using universal building block NAND gate 2109
16 NAND gates to construct, AND, NOT, NOR, OR, EX-OR, R-S flip-flop, D type flip flop and J - K flip flop. Inbuilt +5V supply, two logic switches with one monopulser and two buffered LEDs.

Study of 4 input multiplexer 2110
Circuit comprises TTL logic gates to perform the multiplexer operation. Two logic switches to produce control signal and eight sockets for logic inputs. LED at output, with one clock generator to observe the mux operation on CRO.

Study of 4 output demultiplexer 2111
Similar to above with four LEDs and one input switch.

BCD to Decimal decoder 2112
Four input logic switches, 10 LEDs to indicate decimal outputs, inbuilt +5 volt supply

Decimal to BCD encoder 2113
Nine logic switches for decimal number inputs, 4 LED to indicate encoded output, inbuilt +5 volt supply.

Encoder/Decoder 2114
4 input encoder and four output decoder circuits upon single board. Complete circuit built of logic gates. 4 logic switches and three buffered LED. Inbuilt +5V supply.

BCD to seven segment decoder/driver with display 2115
Circuit based upon TTL IC 7447, with seven segment LED display, 4 logic switches, inbuilt +5 volt supply.

Study of Half adder/full adder circuit operation 2116
Circuit based upon TTL ICs. Inbuilt supply, three logic switches, two buffered LEDs.

Study of Half substracter/full substracter operation 2117
Circuit based upon TTL ICs. Inbuilt supply, three logic switches and two buffered LED.

16 x 4, bit Static Random Access Memory 2118
Circuit has 7489, with 4 address, 4 data switches with two CS, and WR controls. Input/output data displayed on 4 buffered LEDs with clock.

Study of Static RAM 6116. 2119
8 data switches, 8+2 address with 2 control switches. Inbuilt +5V supply with 8 buffered LEDs.

3 Bit Flash Encoder 2120
Circuit based upon high speed comparators and TTL ICs. Inbuilt +5 volt supply, reference ladder, analog supply, buffered LEDs at output, test sockets at different places to measure voltages. One voltmeter.

4 Bit analog to digital converter (counter method) 2121
Circuit based upon high speed comparator and TTL ICs. Inbuilt supplies with one voltmeter. LEDs fitted at different places to observe the operation. Inbuilt clock, pulser.

4 bit Digital to analog converter (R-2R ladder) 2122
Circuit has tri-position switches to feed data, inbuilt supply, precision resistors in ladder form, I to V converter. This board can be used in conjunction with above board.

Octal to binary code converter 2123

Binary to gray and gray to binary code converter 2124

Excess 3 to BCD and BCD to Excess 3 code converter 2125

Data Transmitter/Reciever 2126
Kit consists 8 line, Ttrasmitter/Reciever pair with 8 data entry switches, address generator, clock, pulser and buffered LEDs at address/reciever end.

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