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Semiconductor diode (P-N) Junction diode characteristics 2001
Two regulated dc supplies 0-3V, and 0-50 volts, one germanium diode, two dual range meters with range and mode select.

Semiconductor diode (P-N) junction diode characteristics 2002
Similar to above with in four meters.

Zener diode (reverse breakdown) characteristics. 2003
One regulated dc supply 0-10 volt, two meters and one zener diode.

Zener diode (voltage regulation) characteristics. 2004
One regulated dc power supply 0-15 volts, two meters one in dual range, one selected load decade and one zener diode.

Transistor (Si, P.N.P & N.P.N) Characteristics 2005
Two regulated dc supplies, 0-3V and 0-10V, three meters, leads and sockets to covert CE or CB mode, two Si N.P.N & P.N.P transistors.

Transistor characteristics (Si, P.N.P & N.P.N) or GE P.N.P. 2006
As above with four meters.

F.E.T Characteristics 2007
Two regulated dc supplies, 0-6 V and 0-20 volts. Three meters, one FET.

MOSFET Characteristics 2008
Two regulated dc supply, 0-3V and 0-20 Volts, three meters, one Mosfet.

Dual gate MOSFET characteristics 2009
Three regulated dc power supplies, 0-3V, 0-5V and 0-20V. Three meters, one calibrated in dual range. One dual gate Mosfet.

U.J.T Characteristics with study of relaxation oscillator 2010
Two regulated dc power supply, 0-20 volt each. Two meters, one UJT, one capacitor and potentiometer.

DIAC Characteristics 2011
One regulated dc supply 0-40 volts, one fixed AC supply of 40 volt with potentiometer, capacitor, two meters, diac.

S.C.R Characteristics 2012
Two regulated dc supplies, 0-3V and 0-75 volts. One potentiometer, RL, reset key, trigger LED, SCR and three meters.

TRIAC Characteristics 2013
Two regulated dc supply, 0-3V and 0-75V. One triac, RL, reset key, trigger mode LED, one potentiometer, 3 meters.

Thermistor (Glass) characteristics 2014
One regulated dc power supply 0-10 volt, one glass encapsulated thermistor mounted in electrically heated oven, glass thermometer, two meters.

Band gap (energy gap) in semiconductor diode 2015
Fixed stabilized dc supply 3 volt, germanium point contact diode mounted in electrically heated oven, dual range µAmmeter.

Op-amp Parameters 2016
Dual symmetrical IC regulated power supply for op - amp, one dual mode digital meter, one op-amp 741, switches, resistor networks and potentiometer.

Hybrid Parameters of transistor in CE Configuration 2017
Two regulated dc supply, 10 volt and 0-1 volt with two FE inductors, two dc meters, one triple range ac millivoltmeter, 1 Kc sine wave oscillator with amplitude control, one switch and GE transistor.

L.E.D (Current v/s illumination) Characteristics 2018
One IC regulated dc power supply 0-20 volts with current limit resistor,one high impedance dual voltmeter, one dual range µAmmeter. One opto coupler source with HG LED in housing, one µAmeter for intensity measurement (cal in arbitrary units).

Photo Voltic Cell (Solar cell) Characteristics 2019
One panel mounted light source with variable intensity operable on inbuilt IC regulated power supply 3-12 volt, 3 Amp, 12 volt 21 watt lamp, photo voltic cell, one mAmeter. one high impedance voltmeter and two decades of RL.

Photo Diode Characteristics 2020
One regulated dc supply 0-25 volts, two resistors, one photo diode in light tight case with 12 volt, 21W tungsten lamp operable on inbuilt 3-12 volt 3 amp power supply, one µAmeter and one high impedance voltmeter.

Photo transistor Character 2021

Diode valve characteristic 2022
One dc regulated power supply 0-250 volts with current limit RL, one diode valve mounted upon panel base, two meters with LT control for different meter currents.

Triode Valve Characteristic 2023
Two dc regulated power supplies 0-300 and 0-25 volts, one triode valve mounted upon panel base, three meters.

Verification of Child Law 2024
One dc regulated power supply 0-150V, one regulated dc supply 0 - 5 volt, one dual range voltmeter, two µAmeters, one diode valve mounted upon panel base.

Photo Electric cell (vacuum) Characteristics 2025
One regulated power supply 0-100 volts, one µAmeter with calibrated x10 amplification (0-2 µA scale) one high impedance voltmeter, one single rod 1/2 mtr optical bench with photo electric cell mounting, one lamp house 100watt.

Work function of Diode Emitter (verification of Richardson Law) 2026
One regulated power supply 0-150 V, one supply 0-3V, one high impedance voltmeter with one µAmeter in LT circuit, one voltmeter and µAmeter in HT circuit, one diode valve in base upon panel.

Thyratron valve characteristics (Ionization and firing) 2027
Two dc regulated power supplies, 0-150 volts and 0-15 Volts. Thyratron valve mounted in panel base, one RL, one potentiometer, one voltage divider network, one dual range µA/µAmeter, one dual range voltmeter.

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